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Shaba lies alongside Samburu and Buffalo Springs Reserves on the edge of the semi-deserts of northern Kenya. Shaba is a place of breathtaking beauty, made famous by Joy Adamson and her leopard.

Here you will see dry-country animals such as the reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk and oryx. The elephants here can be incredible. The palm-fringed Ewaso Nyiro River borders the reserve and is a magnet for game.

You can climb Ol Lolokwe or Shaba Mountain, walk through gorges and visit the Boran people, who use a human chain to lift water from deep wells for thousands of cattle and camels.

Nearby is an extinct volcanic crater containing a soda lake where Meru people collect salt using evaporation pans just as they have done for thousand of years.

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