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Traveling in Africa contains inherent risks of illness, injury, death, or the loss and damage of property. These may occur while traveling in civilized or remote areas, while traveling by plane, car, boat, horseback, camel, foot or other conveyance. These risks may come from dangerous wild animals, insects, reptiles, the forces of nature, civil disturbances, riots, the negligence of others or acts of God.

Although every possible care is taken to safeguard you and your property while you are on safari, we accept no liability for any accidents, injuries or illness incurred or arising from any safari we outfit, or for any loss or damage to your property during such a safari.

While on safari we do not cover you by any insurance and we suggest that you make arrangements so that you and your property are fully insured for the duration of the safari.

We advise and encourage you to obtain the following types of insurance, which are commercially available:

* Accidental death or disability
* Major medical
* Emergency medical evacuation from Nairobi onwards
* Trip cancellation insurance,
* Loss of personal effects

Check with your insurance company if you are covered for any or all of these items. Your ticketing agent may also be able to secure or at least recommend travel insurance or alternatively, you may choose from the Web.

The website www.statravel.com apparently presently covers insurance against terrorist actions and www.insuremytrip.com contains 20 insurance companies offering a range of options and a way of choosing and comparing what would suit you best.

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